Men’s Hostel Rules

  1. Students staying in the hostel are under the control and direct supervision of the hostel wardens.
  2. Hostel residients, under no circumstances, are permitted to entertain any guests during any part of the day or night. Violation of this regulation will lead to disciplinary action and a fine of Rs. 500/= (Rupees five hundred only).
  3. For guest accommodation the hostel office should be contacted and the office will provide separate accommodation in the guest room at a minimum cost. This rule is applicable to former students also. Registered students should inform this to any guest or former student who wishes to stay with them.

Hostlers are requested to keep their day scholar friends and local friends outside the hostel campus.

Other than registered students no one is allowed to enter and/or stay in the hostel.

Visiting hours: Monday to Friday 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sunday: 10:00 to 12:00 a.m and 4:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m.

Visitors  are requested to report to the hostel office for visitation


  1. Noisy movements in the corridors and other common areas of the hostels are to be avoided at all times and especially after 11:00 p.m.
  2. Hostel residents who need to go out of the campus after 9:30 p.m. must obtain an out pass from the wardens. Out passes will be issued only up to 11:00 p.m. Students are expected to come back to the hostel before midnight. If an overnight stay outside the hostel is required then an additional permission should be obtained from the Dean of Students also.
  3. All students are expected to show their current ID cards, whenever asked by the university officials, security personnel, and when they want to collect their personal mail from the hostel office.
  4. Rooms are strictly allotted by the hostel deans. Therefore, any mutual interchange of rooms, between students, is not permitted.  The dean has the right to relocate the students to any other room at his own discretion.
  5. Smoking, card playing, gambling, pornography (books, videos, etc.), homosexual relationship or any other such harmful activities are strictly prohibited and are definitely punishable acts.
  1. Drinking, using or trafficking in drugs or any other kind of intoxication substance will lead the student to expulsion from the hostel/university with immediate effect. The possession of knives, guns, or other lethal weapons is banned.
  2. Students are expected to keep their rooms clean and tidy. Room inspection will be conducted from time to time and if necessary, every day.  Obscene, indecent and sexually suggestive posters or photographs have no place in the hostels, or anywhere else in the university.
  3. All students are expected to attend week-end religious meetings as well as morning and evening assemblies as arranged by the hostel administration. Group functions in the hostel may be organized but only with the prior permission from the wardens.
  4. No students shall undertake any repair or painting of the room without prior permission of the wardens. Normally, such works are carried out only by the university administration, and to a limited extent, by the hostel wardens.
  5. Students are registered with the hostel semester by semester and the registration  ends with the termination of  the semester.  Therefore, the students are required to vacate the hostel within seven days from the day of expiry of the hostel registration.
  6. Any student staying beyond the stipulated time will be liable for a fine of Rs. 200 (Rupees two hundred only) per day. Students must vacate their lockers while leaving the hostel.
  7. When boarders leave the hostels, they must take away all their personal belongings from their beds, lockers, and other niches. If it is not done, the wardens have the right to remove all their belongings from the concerned rooms and lockers.  While a definite attempt will be made to keep the things in safe custody, yet it must be noted that the dean will not be held responsible for the safety, damage, or loss and consequently no form of compensation will be entertained by the wardens. Such custody, however, is only for one to two months, or at the most, a semester.
  8. All types of vehicles are to be parked only in their designated areas outside the hostel campus, and all are parked or kept at the owner’s risk. No compensation will be made for any damage or loss of the vehicle.
  9. Students are permitted to use the vehicles registered on their own name and at their own risk.
  10. Students, using any motorized vehicle, must have a valid license and proper ownership documents for their vehicle.
  11. Proper behavior is expected of all students in all meetings and social programmes. Any misbehavior is not taken lightly by the university authorities.
  12. Any student found stealing or damaging any property shall be subject to strong disciplinary action.
  13. Cooking is allowed only in assigned areas of the hostel. Cooking in the rooms will attract a fine of Rs.200/= (Rs. two hundred) only.
  14. Except electric irons no other heating equipment is permitted to be used in the hostel. If anyone is found using an electric heater, the heater will be immediately confiscated and a fine of Rs.200/= (Rupees two hundred only) will be charged to the user as well as the owner.
  15. Any dispute or altercation taking place between students should immediately be reported to the wardens.  Any form of physical assault is condemned, and is dealt with a firm hand.
  16. Students should refrain from using obscene and profane language.
  17. No male members are to enter the women’s hostel without the permission and accompaniment of the women’s warden. Similarly, no female may enter the men’s hostel without the permission and accompaniment of the men’s warden.
  18. All games must end by the first bell for assembly from Sunday to Thursday. It is mandatory for all students to stop playing when the first bell is rung.
  19. A student caught damaging and of stealing college property will be asked to either /and restore the property or be given any other form of punishment commensurate with the act. All the roommates will be fined a minimum of Rs.200/ = (Rupees two hundred only) each, if the electrical lines in the room is found tampered with.
  20. Young men are discouraged in whiling away their time with young women in the cafeteria, canteen, etc and unnecessarily or loitering around the women’s hostel.
  21. Men are to refrain from detaining and or escorting young ladies after evening functions, programmes, meetings, and after library study periods.
  22. The hostel dean will arrange the distribution of mail at specific times. The dean also reserves the right to inspect mail and posted articles as and when deemed necessary.
  23. Students are advised to keep their possessions in spaces secured with a locker. The University will not be responsible for any loss of personal items or belongings.
  24. All hostel residents are expected to assist deans in protecting any hostel and University property against the intrusion of strangers and unauthorized visitors. One way of doing this is promptly reporting such intruders to the dean and or the security department.
  25. Students working in the University work programme as night workers after 10:30pm should inform the hostel administration before taking up such responsibilities.
  26. The University provides a cot for every boarder, but each boarder is expected to provide his own bedding and must sleep only in his assigned room and cot. Inspection of room and the attendance will be conducted at the time specified by the deans.
  27. Students are not allowed to participate in any tournament, social, cultural or musical activity off campus without prior permission of the administration. Such outside teams are likewise prohibited from engaging in similar activities on campus without prior permission from the university administration.
  28. Students, who are asked to withdraw from the university, for whatever reasons, are required to do so immediately. Intentional and willful loitering and lingering can jeopardize the chances of being re-admitted to the university.
  29. The University administration has given the hostel deans the authority to conduct unannounced inspection of hostel rooms, including the boarders’ boxes, trunks, suitcases, bags, cupboards and so on, not excluding the pockets of the clothes they are wearing. Such inspection, however, will be conducted strictly only on those whom the deans have a suspicion of offensive activities.
  30. Every case of sickness must be promptly reported to the deans. Students should obtain Hospital uthorization from concerned authorities in case hospitalization is required. However, the cost of treatment is to be borne by the student.
  31. All faculty and staff of the University have the right to question students if they are found outside or inside the campus during irregular hours.
  32. Habitual late night arrival at the hostel is an offence and will not be treated lightly. Boarders are not allowed to enter into the campus after 12 o’clock at night without proper prior permission.
  33. Students are not allowed to keep television sets in their rooms. Any television set found in any room will be confiscated and the owner disciplined.
  34. Boarders must attend their study hall during the study time as it is assigned.
  35. Boarders are requested to visit the Staff and Faculty homes, and married student quarters judiciously.
  36. All fines must be paid before the end of the month, before collecting the meal card for the following month. Only after submitting the cash receipt for the fines, will the meal card be issued.
  37. Except for certain special programmes permitted by the wardens, the TV room will be closed at 11PM every night and also from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset.
  38. Students are expected to wear proper clothes and have proper hair cut as approved by the deans. Jewelry and decoration of the body, including piercing any parts of the body is not permitted.
  39. It is mandatory for students who are married and residing in the hostels to inform the wardens and the Dean of Students their Marital Status.
  40. Every student seeking admission to the University (and the  hostel) shall  be required to sign the following declaration in the VPSA’s office and strictly abide by the rules:

“ I hereby agree, if admitted, that  I will abide by the  rules and  regulations laid down  by the University authorities for the good governance of the University. As long as I am   a student of the University, I will do nothing either inside or outside the University that  will  break  the rules made by the University authorities and I will represent  the Institution in  the best of my conduct.”