Student Regulations for Dayscholars / Boarders


  1. Standards of Behavior:
    1. All students are expected to show their current ID cards, whenever asked  by  the college administrators, faculty, staff, and security personnel.
    2. Proper behavior is expected of all students in all meetings and social programmes. Any misbehavior is not taken lightly by the University Authorities.
    3. Students should refrain from the profane language.
    4. No male members are to enter the Women’s Hostel without the permission and accompaniment of the Women’s Dean. Similarly, no female may enter the Men’s Hostel without the permission and accompaniment of the Men’s Dean.
    5. Students are not allowed to participate in any tournament, social, cultural, or musical activities off campus under the University banner without prior permission of the Administration. Likewise any outside cultural, musical, social or sports activities cannot be held on the campus without prior permission from the University Administration.
    6. Students who are asked to withdraw from the University for whatever reasons are required to do so immediately. Intensional and willful loitering and lingering can jeopardize the chances of being readmitted to the university.
    7. All Faculty and Staff of the University have the right to question students if they are found inside or around the campus during irregular hours.
    8. All behaviors which do not promote proper lifestyle and are expressly forbidden include the use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and illicit drugs; gambling;  improper sexual behavior, and attendance at entertainments which are spiritually or morally destructive.
  1. Alcohol, Tobacco and  Illicit Drug Use: 

It is the policy of Spicer Adventist University to maintain a safe and healthful environment for its students.  The manufacture, distribution, possession, trafficking in, and consumption of alcoholic drinks, chewing of pan or gutka or tobacco in any form,  and use of illicit  drugs is strictly    prohibited. Violation of this policy is grounds for disciplinary action up to and including immediate discharge and permanent dismissal of the student.

  1. Pernicious Habits:

Smoking, card playing, gambling, possession and use of pornographic material (books, pictures, photos, videos, etc.), sexual relationship or any other such antisocial activities are strictly prohibited and are definitely punishable.

  1. Assault
    1. Physical and/or verbal assault is not tolerated. Students involved in this type of behavior, including any form of ragging, use of obscene gestures or language, abusing spouse or child in case of married student, will be subject to discipline, including dismissal.
    2. Any dispute or altercation taking place between students should immediately be reported to the wardens or dean of students. Any form of physical assault is condemned, and is strictly not tolerated.
    3. The possession of knives, guns, or other lethal weapons is banned.
  1. Classroom Conduct:

The faculty and the institution reserve the right to remove students from classes if their behavior threatens the purposes of the class by exceeding the bounds of normal academic freedom.

  1. Dress Code:

All students must dress modestly, and be neat and clean at all times and adhere to the following requirements:

1. Hair kept clean and neatly styled. Radical styles must be avoided.

                Men: Hair should be cut short and trimmed, and beards and moustaches, if grown, well groomed.

2. Shorts are not to be worn in classroom buildings, library, caferteria, convocation programmes,                           assemblies, chapels and places of worship.

3. The following are specifically prohibited in terms of Dress Code:

1. Sloppy clothing, tank tops, clothing that is torn or frayed,clothing with printing which contradicts            university standards.

2. Tight fitting and revealing styles, sheer fabrics, revealing tops, bare midriffs or shoulders, miniskirts,       skirts with deep slits.

3. Jewelry including bracelets, friendship bands, necklaces, chains, medallions, earnings, and rings

  1. Nondiscrimination:

The University does not discriminate on the basis of  religion,  colour,  gender, ethnic or national origin.  Students are expected to conform to these ethics. 

  1. Public Display of Affection:

Students are expected to conduct themselves with discretion and in a manner which will not embarrass other people.

     9. Ragging and Sexual Harassment:

It is compulsory for every student to sign Anti-ragging declaration form every year during the registration process. Any unbecoming, unruly,  unwarranted and sexual behavior which creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment in violation of  university standards will be dealt with very seriously and invite expulsion and rustication. Further, serious offences of this nature will be dealt according to the laws of the land.

  1. Theft: Any student found stealing or damaging any property shall be subject to strong disciplinary action.
  1. Vehicles and Traffic Regulation:
    1. Vehicles are to be parked only in their designated areas at the owner’s risk. No compensation will be made for any damage or loss of the vehicle.
    2. Students are permitted to use the vehicles registered on their own name and at their own risk.
    3. Students using any motorized vehicle must have a valid license and proper documents for their vehicle.
  1. Guidance and Disciplinary Committee Action:

The University Administration reserves the right at its discretion to discipline a student through Disciplinary Committee whose action may result in suspension or permanent dismissal.

  1. Student’s Declaration :

Every student seeking  admission to the University (and the  hostel) shall  be required to   sign the following declaration in the Dean of Students office and abide by the rules: