Financial Information


Students who join Spicer Adventist University must promptly and systematically meet all financial obligations to the institution.  The university, being non-government aided/self-financed, is not in a position to extend credit to students and therefore before admission, students must understand well their financial obligations.

Students who wish to enrol at Spicer should plan their financial arrangements for the entire academic year. The student and the guardian are required to enter into an agreement with the university regarding the payment of students’ fee within the stipulated time and they are to honour this agreement.  The student and the guardian must ensure that the agreed payments are made to the university promptly and all dues are satisfactorily settled as per the information from the finance office of the university.

A student who has a debt can be denied  registration, and will not be issued a transcript or diploma or degree, or any statement regarding his/her academic status at the university.  Students who join Spicer Adventist University must recognize that all financial obligations to the institution must be promptly met.  Therefore, before registration the student must have a good understanding of the financial obligations involved and make sure that these obligations are met.


The Finance Committee of Spicer Adventist University shall be responsible for preparing/revising the fee structure of the university and submitting it to the Governing Body for its approval. The Governing Body of the university shall authorize the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to submit a proposal to the fees structure review committee in the manner as may be presented. After approval from the government the university shall displays the fees structure on the notice board and upload it on the website. The students will have to pay these fees. The revised fee structure shall come into effect from the following academic year and remain in force till further revision.  The fee structure is computed for an academic year and divided into two instalments for each semester.  Unless specified, no amount is refundable even though a student withdraws or is dismissed from the university during the semester.


The Tuition fee given in the fee structure is prescribed for the students with Indian residential status. Fees for the students who are from SAARC Countries are two times that is prescribed for the students of Indian residential status. Fees for Non-Resident Indians (N.R.I.), Persons of Indian Origin (P.I.O.) and Foreign Nationals, are three times the fees that is prescribed for the students with Indian residential status. Students from the State of Maharashtra and those from Christian minority community of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Southern Asia Division shall avail 50% scholarship on tuition fees only.


Students from the State of Maharashtra: Means a Candidate passing SSC or HSC (Std.XII) and Higher Education thereafter from the State of Maharashtra OR the candidate should be domicile of the State of Maharashtra.


Candidate from Outside Maharashtra State: Means a candidate whose Domicile Status is Outside Maharashtra.


International: Means a Citizen of any country other than India and a person who possesses a foreign passport.


Person of Indian Origin (PIO): Means a Person who is a citizen of other countries (except Pakistan and Bangladesh) who at any time held an Indian Passport, or who or either of whose parents or any of whose grandparents was a citizen of India by virtue of the provisions of the Constitution of India or Section 2(b) of Citizenship Act, 1955 (Act No. 57of 1955).

Non-Resident Indians (NRI) (as per Income Tax Act, 1961): As per Income Tax Act, 1961, an individual is non-resident for income tax purpose, when he is “not a resident” or who is “not ordinarily resident” in India. A person is treated as “not ordinarily resident”, if any of the following conditions is satisfied:  If he/she has not been resident in India in 9 out of 10 preceding years OR If he/she has not been in India for a period of 730 days or more during the preceding 7 years.


Prior to admission, or at the time of registration, a student is required to pay a certain amount of initial deposit.  In view of the facilities offered by the university in such departments as cafeteria, hostel, dispensary, etc. this deposit, once paid, remains untouched until the student graduates, or withdraws from the university, or when he is unable to pay his other dues, the deposit will be applied to the student’s account.  If his/her account has been cleared in full the deposit will be refunded after the final settlement is made.  The amount of deposit varies as per the nationality and residential status of the student.


At the time of admission, new students are required to deposit in the Finance Office an amount to cover the return fare.  This is kept in a travel deposit account and will be used for return fare when the student leaves the university on disciplinary or emergency situations.  The estimated amount of travel deposit shall be determined from time to time by the Governing Council of the university.



The fee structure includes a laboratory apparatus/equipment breakage/damage deposit for all courses which have laboratory work.  At the end of the course any amount remaining will be credited to the student’s account.  It is hoped that students will not have to draw from this deposit as the replacement of the damaged equipment is both expensive as well as difficult to obtain.



Students taking courses in which field trips or industrial visits are required and also for those attending university camps will be charged fees to cover the costs and the student is expected to pay for these in cash to the business office at the time the trip is planned.


The university operates a cafeteria where each student is charged a minimum amount irrespective of the actual amount of consumption.  Majority of students, however, find this amount inadequate, and are thus permitted to purchase meal coupons up to an amount determined each year by the university. Should a student find the amount still inadequate, he/she can get more coupons with special permission from the finance officer.  Such a privilege, however, is extended only to those maintaining a credit balance with the university.

Note: The minimal charge is made to ensure that the overhead costs of operating the cafeteria are covered.


Students who are admitted to the university infirmary are levied a service charge on a daily basis of usage. There can be times when a student may need immediate hospitalization.  In such a situation the university helps the student get the needed care.  The payment of such fees, however, is entirely the responsibility of the student or his parent/guardian.  The student’s parent/guardian will be required to make prompt payment of the medical bills, preferably at the time of discharge.  For a case that is not in the nature of emergency but one that needs extended care and/or hospitalization, the parent/guardian is expected to withdraw the ward from the University for Treatment.


International students are expected to make satisfactory financial arrangement for payment of fees prior to their arrival at the University.  Where a student’s financial arrangement is not guaranteed by a sponsoring organization acceptable to the university, the student will be required to deposit in advance a minimum of one semester’s fees and for the return fare, in addition to making arrangements for the clearance of other monthly fees.

In connection with admission and stay of international students at the university, the administration is called upon to render necessary service to care for their travel documents, etc.  The university has appointed an International Students’ councillor to carry out this responsibility on behalf of the students as well as the university.

To cover general expenses connected with such services, a service fee per semester is charged at the beginning of each semester. However, when special trips have to be made to care of residential permits, etc., the expenditure incurred will have to be borne by the student concerned and will not be covered by this fee.


All remittances into student accounts should be made by way of cash, money order or a bank draft in favour of Spicer Adventist University, specifying the name and ID number of the student to whom credit is to be given.  The remittance should be addressed to the Chief Finance Officer.

Note: Cheques are not accepted. Parents or guardians may also make payments to their ward’s account through bank transfer to the university’s account after getting university’s bank account details from the Finance Office.

Students are required to pay the semester’s fees in advance at the time of registration.  Returning students should clear their outstanding accounts before proceeding with registration.  Non-compliant students will not be allowed to proceed with registration.


Candidates who cancel their admission before starting the course for the relevant academic year, the entire fee after deduction of the processing fee of Rs. 3,000/- and one month’s Hostel & Cafeteria fee shall be refunded to the student by the university. If the student cancels his admission after the course is started, following scheme will be adopted for refund of fees:

Sr. No. Time of Cancellation   Amount to Be Deducted
1 From 1st day to 10 days (first day is inclusive) from the date of commencement of the course 30% of the academic fees

+ One month boarding fees

2 From 11thto 30th days from the date of commencement is inclusive ) of the course (first day + 2 months boarding fees
3 After 30 days (first day is inclusive) 100% of the academic fees and the hostel fees          + 2 months cafeteria charges

The university reserves the right to withhold settlement of any balance due a student for a period of one month after withdrawal from the university in order to ascertain that all charges and balances have been taken into consideration.  However, if a student demands immediate closing of the account, the entrance deposit is held back to care for any charges that may come after the withdrawal and a service charge will be made. The deposit which is held back will be refunded a month from the withdrawal date.  For students who have been asked to withdraw from the university on disciplinary grounds, this refund policy is subject to change at the discretion of the university administration.

Note: Unless specified by the sponsor, the credit balance of a student who has received financial aid or scholarship will be transferred to the Student Aid Fund, or to the sponsor.


The university is NOT RESPONSIBLE for providing students with monthly spending money.  Monthly remittances for incidental expenses are to be sent directly to the student.  The university does not accept responsibility for loss of money in possession with students.



All inquiries concerning a student’s account and fee details are to be addressed to the Deputy Finance Officer.


       As Spicer Adventist University is a recognized institution, some Indian states do give financial aid to students studying in the university.  The student concerned is expected to take initiative in applying for such scholarships. The university will not in any way, be responsible for applying for scholarship to any government on behalf of the student.

Since the university is an appropriated unit of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a student cannot be expected to get help from the institution.  However, there are other possible ways a student can assuage his/her financial problems.

Student Colporteur Scholarships

During summer vacation, students can engage in the sale of educational and health books sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Based on the amount of sales made, hours worked, and earnings saved, certain bonuses are made available to the student salesman (colporteur).   An institute is conducted each year in the university to train students for this work.

Vacation Bible School Scholarships

Students may engage in conducting Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) during summer. A special training is given to prepare them for this work.  Having met the requirements, students are given a fixed amount that may help them to meet partially the semester’s expenses.

Division Scholarships

This scholarship is available to Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) young people who have been selected and recommended by their respective Unions.  Its purpose is to assist SDA students in completing their undergraduate studies in elementary education, geography, mathematics, office administration, science, and religious studies.  The total financial assistance may be determined from time to time by the Southern Asia Division (SUD) of Seventh-day Adventist Church. This scholarship can be obtained only after a candidate is recommended by the respective sections / conferences / Unions. Based on the recommendation of the sections and unions, the division approves the name for sponsorship to the university.


Division Lay Scholarship

The Division Lay Scholarship is administered by the Sponsorship Committee of SUD, to assist needy students born to SDA lay members. This scholarship is given each year to a limited number of students who meet the required qualifications.

SDA Employee’s (Worker’s) Children Allowance

 SUD also grants educational allowance to all students who are children of regular employees (workers) in the Seventh-day Adventist Church organization. The allowance is limited to those attending Spicer for bachelors studies for a maximum of 6 semesters or until the end of the semester during which the student reaches his/her twenty-fifth birthday, whichever is earlier. Students under this category are eligible for this allowance provided they work for fifteen hours per week under the Work Education programme.

For application procedures, conditions and eligibility of various Division scholarships, students are requested to contact the Division Sponsorship Secretary.  The mailing address for the latter is:  The Secretary, Sponsorship Committee, Southern Asia Division of Seventh-day Adventists, Post box 2, HCF Post office, Hosur 635 110 Tamil Nadu, India.