The university is situated in the heart of the well-known educational and cultural city of Pune in Maharashtra State, known as the Oxford of the East.  The city’s salubrious climate, its adequate network of roads and railways, proximity to international airports, a developed world-standard expressway between Mumbai and Pune, as well as its impressive electronic mass communication system provide a natural attraction to scores of multinational companies, making the city one of the country’s major IT hubs, and a lucrative job market as well.  Spicer’s strategic location provides the students an opportunity to obtain a university education in very favourable surroundings.  Students can likewise make use of the facilities of a number of well-known libraries and research centres in the vicinity and visit many places of cultural and historical interest in and around Pune.

Geographically, the University is bordered by the Mulla River towards its north and by the sprawling estate of the University of Pune towards the south. Bordering the east are the government botanical gardens and on the west side, lies the rapidly growing Aundh village.