Physical Infrastructure

Spicer Adventist University is set on a 16.31-acre plot of a 70-acre country estate blessed with natural beauty, farmland, large shady trees interspersed with paved roads, framed by green hedges, a plethora of elegant seasonal flowers and perennials that recess into a quiet and peaceful ambience.  To drive back from the city to Spicer’s campus is to drive into a lung of fresh air and open space.

The University owns several clusters of buildings.  Prominent among them are the Administrative block, Arts and Commerce block, Education block, Religion block, Science block, Library,  Men’s and Women’s hostels, Faculty and Staff  houses, Married Student quarters, House of Prayer, and the Student Centre. In the vicinity are the utility & service outlet buildings and Spicer’s products & services building, the three new higher secondary school structures, and the new faculty quarters containing 12 flats. Latest addition is the recently completed massive structure-the Management and Computer Science building inaugurated on February 1, 2015.