Bachelor of Arts: Sociology

What is Sociology?

Sociology is fast growing and popular discipline. Its range of study includes almost all aspects of man’s life in society as described by different social thinkers listed below:

¨ “Sociology is the science of society or social phenomena” – Lester Frank Ward, E A Ross

¨ “Sociology is the study of human interactions and inter-relations, their conditions and consequences”   – Moris Ginsberg.

¨ “Sociology deals with the behaviour of man in  groups” – Kimball Young.

¨ “Sociology is the study of social institutions” -Emile Durkheim

¨ “Sociology is the study of interaction of  human minds” – L T Hobhouse.

¨ “Sociology is the study of social action”  – Max Weber.

Thus, Sociology is an exciting and dynamic field of study which deals with every aspect of human life.

Why study Sociology?

 To understand the role of social environment and social forces that shape your life and use these forces for personal growth and development.

To develop various social and interpersonal skills that make your life in society meaningful.

To develop an appreciation for social life and human diversity.

To develop healthy attitudes and personality traits that differentiates you from the rest of the world.

To gain an insight into human nature and patterns of behaviour that add flavour  and meaning to your life.

To make necessary adjustments to keep in pace with the rapid changes taking place at the societal as well as global levels.

To enrich your life to become an asset to your family, to your community and to your fellow human beings around the world.

To be a professional and have many    career options and employment  opportunities.

Key Features of Sociology Department

The faculty members are committed to excellence in education which  involves going far beyond the call of duty and doing more than expected.

The department provides a conducive    environment for intellectual growth, for scholastic achievement  and for social and  spiritual development of its students.

The department has excellent curriculum and instructional programme and gives  individualized attention to the educational needs of every student.

It provides academic guidance through counseling sessions.

It helps the students to translate their dreams, thoughts, feelings and plans into realistic objectives and achievable goals.

Students are groomed and trained in healthful living, good habits, pleasing manners and disciplined way of life.

It provides opportunities for healthy development of personality by focusing on quality education that empowers every  student to become a valuable asset in the community.

It provides career oriented, value-based wholistic education.

Main Branches of Sociology

+Applied Sociology

+Crime and Delinquency

+Economic Sociology

+Educational Sociology

+Environmental Sociology

+Gender and Society

+Human Ecology

+Industrial Sociology

+Medical Sociology

+Political Sociology

+Social Demography

+Social Stratification and Inequality

+Social Problems and Social Welfare

+Sociology of Change and Modernity

+Sociology of Development

+Sociology of Deviant Behaviour

+Sociology of Disaster Management

+Sociology of Formal Organizations

+Sociology of Globalization

+Sociology of Human Rights

+Sociology of Knowledge

+Sociology of Literature

+Sociology of Marginalized Communities

+Sociology of Marriage and Family

+Sociology of Mass Media

+Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

+Sociology of Religion

+Sociology of Rural and Urban life

+Sociology of Work and Occupation

+Theoretical Sociology, etc & etc

What are Your Career Options?

The above branches of sociology are only a few examples to illustrate the wide variety of fields of sociology that provide unlimited scope for career opportunities. The following are only few examples of career options. In reality there are hundreds of career options.


Higher Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent with 45% marks.


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# Course Structure 

Semester I
Course code Course Title L P Cr.
MLPR 111 Moral Principles 3 3
ENGL 111 Compulsory English 3 3
SOCI 111 Fundamentals of  Sociology 4 4
SOCI 112 General Anthropology 4 4
* SOCI 113 Sociology of Education 3 3
** SOCI 114 Sociology for Everyday Life 3 3
Total Credits 20
Semester II
Course code Course Title L P Cr.
VLED  122 Value Education 3 3
ENGL  122 Functional English 3 3
SOCI 121 Indian Society and Social Institutions 4 4
SOCI 122 Community Health and Hygeine 4 4
* SOCI 123 Sociology of Human Rights 3 3
** SOCI 124 Understanding Indian Society 3 3
Total Credits 20
Semester III
Course code Course Title L P Cr.
INCT  231 Information & Communication Technology 2 1 3
SOCI 231 Methods and Techniques of Social Research 4 4
SOCI 232 Social Reformers and Social Reforms in India 4 4
SOCI 233 Sociology of Marriage, Family and Kinship 3 3
* SOCI 234 Gender and Society 3 3
** SOCI 235 Challenges in Social Research 3 3
Total Credits 20


Semester IV
Course code Course Title L P Cr.
HLWL  242 Health and Wellness 3 3
SOCI 242 Foundations of Sociological Thought 4 4
SOCI 243 Rural  and Urban Sociology 4 4
SOCI 244 Population and Society 3 3
* SOCI 245 Social Psychology 3 3
** SOCI 246 Issues and Challenges of Human Rights 3 3
Total Credits 20

Semester V

Course code Course Title L P Cr.
ENVA 351 Environmental Awareness 3 3
SOCI 351 Classical Sociological Theories 4 4
SOCI 352 Social Problems and Social Welfare in India 4 4
SOCI 353 Sociology of Mass Media 3 3
* SOCI 354 Sociology of Change, Development and Modernization 3 3
** SOCI 355 Social Problems in the Contemporary Society 3 3
Total Credits 20

Semester VI

Course code Course Title L P Cr.
LSSL 362 21st Century Skills and Service learning 1 2 3
SOCI 362 Modern Sociological Theories 4 4
SOCI 363 Industrial Sociology and Labour Welfare 4 4
SOCI 364 Research Project 3 3
* SOCI 365 Sociology of Marriage, Family and Kinship 3 3
** SOCI 366 Modern Sociological Perspectives 3 3
Total Credits 20


*  Any one course from Any Department.

** Not open to Sociology department students. Choose any one course from any department            including ECON, ENGL, GEOG, HIST, PSYC

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